I want so much


Hey blogmates – I’m sorry it’s been well over a week since I’ve posted! Turns out I’ve been busy with my “real” day job (the one that pays me money) and as I normally get the writing muse visit me at work I’ve not been able to stop and post! 

My other reason for staying quiet is an example of my inability to time manage (I always believe tomorrow is a new day and therefore am the queen of procrastination) with searching for new flatmates and having friends visit it’s been a very busy week.

I’m also working through some stuff in my head about Manly Matt and I. I’m not ready to share yet – I need to speak to him first before I can release it to you all. I hope you understand – I’ve just been reminded a lot why open and honest conversations (as terrifying as they are) are vitally important for all relationships. So once I’ve had this conversation I’ll share, I pinky promise. 

But until then in an effort to keep positive I’m going to list 3 things that made me happy today: 

1.This Dog….  Coco Pop JULY 14 

Coco Pop has been such a little sweet heart of late and when there were tears on Sunday (for the record I suspect I was crying for many reasons and not just because of Manly Matt) she let me cuddle her and licked my hand (which is kinda gross but also comforting). 

2. This Sunrise….. Sunrise JULY 14


This morning I was determined to have my first day back at the Crossfit box in over 3 weeks. .I got up, got dressed (without the assistance of 1 excited Coco Pop who thought she was coming with me), managed to chuck the slow cooker on, and had prepared the weapons of distraction for Coco: Kong filled with treats and topped with peanut butter, chicken necks and blackhawk in her bowl, doggy biscuit bones tossed in random places outside….Only to jump into the car and realise I’d left it too late to get to my class!! On my way back to my home (just around the block really) I was feeling down but then I noticed the sky and I thought ….Silver lining. I took this pic on my way with Coco this morning and I promise to be more organised on Thursday and finally get to gym! #fitnessfail 

3. This mantra…. rough day

I love this and have it pinned to a wall in my kitchen. It reminds me that sometimes we just need to remember we’re alive and how much of a gift this is! I’m also seriously considering getting it tattooed on me…I’ve been thinking about new ink for a while. I had been putting stuff off because I wanted my body to be an amazing canvas…I’ve since realised my body is already kind of an amazing canvas!

BONUS positivity message: This article by Robin Korth reminded me that despite the fact that there are parts of my body I love (and dislike) it’s my body and the only one I have so time to treat all of it with love! My body at 33 compared to her’s at 59 sounds nowhere near as taunt and terrific (I’m no size 6) but it’s mine and it’s pretty damn good nonetheless!