Big Deal on blog

I was feeling pretty excited this morning….Coco was off to doggy day care (trust me it’s a thing) and I had a parcel to pick up from the post office. I was a little chuffed at myself – look at me all online shopping and about to pick up a parcel filled with beautiful things for me that I love! So I head down to the local post office to pick up my large parcel (hopefully not the last time I hear that phrase) and I realise it’s a small box approx 30cm square….Nothing that exciting is going to be in this box, I just knew it. My thoughts were confirmed when the sticker said Miele….Not quite the LoveHoney, Witchery, Ezibuy or Seed Heritage I was hoping for. My exotic parcel? Brand new vaccuum bags for my fancy pants Miele Dog n Cat vacuum cleaner….Not really exciting at all. At least the carpet will be happy to see them.