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So today my total blog crush, the fabulously talented Nikki from style guru site Styling You, did a quick 10 minute questionnaire with a book retailer (you can see it here) and two of her answers totally resonated with me: 

  • If your work could change one thing in this world – what would it be? If just one woman feels more confident returning to the workforce, leaving to become a mum, going on a first date after a broken relationship or just in the every day by reading Unlock Your Style, then my job is done. The ripple effect of that confidence will spill over into her family and community life.
  • What advice do you give aspiring writers? Start a blog. Don’t wait for someone to publish you. Publish yourself. The very act of writing on daily basis will improve the way you write and by building a community around your blog you’ll be more attractive to a potential publisher.

blog inspo styling you
The Styling You website/blog – super fancy

I blog because sometimes I need to empty my silly head of all it’s thoughts (which will allow me to sleep better at night), I also blog because I like to share my observations with the world (come on I’m a Gen Y and I’m a Leo – it’s all about me and I CAN have it all), but the truth is I blog because if I’ve improved someone’s day from laughing at my uncanny ability to smack myself with the crossfit barbell or even made you feel better about yourself as you realise your life is pretty good (after all you probably haven’t smacked yourself with a barbell) then my work here is done….I’ll be here all week; in fact I’ll probably be here all year and next year too. 

For the record I don’t want to be a writer – but I love to read and ever since a little girl I was good at writing/english/literature. I have a very active imagination! I love the idea that I get to write something on this blog and so far no one has called me crap (you would say that if you saw some of the awful drafts I have ha ha). I also had a journal as a young woman at 18-21 and when I read back on it I smile/shake my head in disbelief/laugh/cringe at the entries…I would keep a journal now but truth be told I’m lazy and I don’t like to handwrite (did I mention I have rheumatoid arthritis?). Plus the Leo exhibitionist in me (hello everyone – look at me, look at me) has always been an oversharer and you my lucky blogmates get to read all about it! 

book unlock your style
The book – available in a week! From all good retailers …I’m sure any Stateside bloggers could grab a copy and have it shipped.

Now the lovely Nikki (I haven’t personally met her but as I follow her on Instagram, facebook and twitter I feel we’re BFFs) has released her first book. I say bravo and yes I’ll be grabbing a copy to read. I don’t have any intention of writing a book but I’ll be brutally honest in saying that if  there was some way my blog and some other little side projects all came together to allow me to work from home I would LOVE that! Being a sales and marketing brat I recognise in order for this to become my reality I need to find a niche/focus to steer my blog into to. As I am yet to do this (and it may never happen) I’m very content to keep writing, keep reading your posts (which will become even more easier next week when my NEW iPad Air arrives), and keep sharing my life until you all get sick of me.