WOD 24 JUL 14 Back into the box today for me….It’s been a week since my last visit and before that it was a month! With work trips and then a chest infection I couldn’t seem to get a break! Plus I’ve been struggling with motivation to get to the actual box. So today I gave myself a pep talk and made myself get out of bed. You know what? I feel great for it. Of course it isn’t that simple to tell myself I’m going to go again tomorrow but I will! 

Today’s WOD was hard and it demonstrated 100% clearly how unfit I have become. I was the largest woman there, I was last in on the run and the last one to complete the warm up (which was hard). I also had the longest time for the morning at 24.41 minutes and I didn’t complete the full 30 double unders as my coach told me to aim for 15, I did however learn I can do 3 double unders in a row. Plus I didn’t do Grace at Rx…I only managed 15kg. But despite all of this I felt like I had achieved something. Another positive was this is the first time in over 6 MONTHS I have been able to complete walking lunges…Looks like my foot is healing.

I know I’ll never be the fastest or the fittest, I know it’s gonna take a long time to get back to where I was, I know I have to start running on the weekend to get back into running shape….Knowing is one thing, doing is another. I’ll keep you posted on my journey.