peaches keep calm and listen to music

Everyone has had a break-up and broken heart at some stage of their life. Here’s a few of the techniques I use to get me through the process…. 

  1. Create yourself a break-up song list…Mine is as follows: 
  1. facebookUn-follow / Un-friend / Block….Depending on how you’re feeling and more importantly how your ex is treating you is how you should approach the separation on social media. If you’ve gone the whole hog and announced it facebook official un-annoucing your relationship can be hard. As a rule I don’t like the whole “in a relationship status thing” but if you’ve gone there the way to discretely change it is to update your ‘about you’ section on facebook on your mobile – it doesn’t show up in news feeds. Also do it on a Saturday night – no one is checking social media then, they’re all too busy uploading drinks and dinner photos of their fabulous life. I always un-follow exes ….It’s too hard to not get angry/sad/misty eyed when you see their updates.
  2. Advise a few close friends who will spread the word for you…Also prepare yourself an ex statement (if only in your head). Something along the lines of; “We want different things, we’ve grown apart, he’s a great guy but not for me, he lied/cheated/stole from me, we never saw each other, etc etc…” You get the picture – something simple that isn’t the nitty gritty of your break-up. No one needs to hear that he was crap in bed or had a tiny dick m’Kay?
  3. Get Social! No, I don’t mean go drinking every night. I mean find things to do socially that require you to get up of your ass, change into nice clothes, fix your hair and make up, and get out of your house!! is a great site for finding social events in your local area – in fact I’m having dinner with a group of complete strangers tonight in an effort to get out there and meet new people. Besides lets face it your social life has most likely revolved around your ex – time to get a life again! 
  4. shoppingDo what makes you happy!! Shopping makes me smile – so I’m shallow sorrynotsorry. The past 2-3 weeks if it’s not been sold out I own it. I am now the proud owner of the following 
  • Vegetable spiraliser – So I can make lovely zucchini spirals instead of real pasta because it’s healthy and I don’t wanna be single and fatter than normal 
  • 3 pairs of shoes – all were on sale and I had to have them
  • 2 new sex toys – A nessecity in times like this 
  • 7 new dresses – I haven’t met a dress I didn’t like and these babies were calling my name!
  • An iPad – which I really only use to browse/stalk facebook on and watch porn 
  • 4 new jackets – relax people, I got them for a steal (seriously I’m worried I’m purchasing stolen goods) on eBay 
  • New makeup – to make me look pretty! 
  • The most amazing outfit I had to call 5 stores to find…Can you believe Harem pants were sold out in my size in my state? I ended up getting them 2 states away and they arrived yesterday….They’re beautiful. 

So that’s my tips…I definitely don’t recommend stalking your ex on facebook (or even the good old fashioned way – in person), or sleeping with your ex, drinking and drunk texting, or sleeping with someone else….Truth be told the best way to get over someone is to take long walks by the beach, breathe in fresh air, look in the mirror (and remember you’re alive), treat yourself to nice things and remember that it’s not the end, it’s only the beginning. 

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