stick with it Progress

Happy Monday blogmates!! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!! I did… 








Birthday Memories 2014: 

  • Friends and family joined me for dinner at my local Mexican – including a few margaritas which explains the headache the next morning 
  • How amazing are my new pants? Photo on the right with Coco Pop – I had to call 6 stores throughout Australia before I tracked these down! 
  • A sweet birthday message from Manly Matt (it’s ok – it’s just a message – nothing else) 
  • More drinks for another dinner in Byron Bay with the gorgeous Marika – yes it was cold and I had to wear my gloves. 
  • Some lovely (and unexpected) gifts from my beautiful family and friends 

But today it’s back to the real world and work! I wanted to outline my 3 little life goals  for this week…. 

  1. I’ve booked myself in for 3 crossfit classes – Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday! I just want to get to the box 3 times this week and next…Then I’ll build up from there. 
  2. I will not text Manly Matt. He did finally come back to about my message re: spending more quality time together and it upset me a lot. He basically told me he was angry with my message and obviously we wanted different things (yeah, no shit – I want someone who’ll actually want to spend time with me). I responded without getting angry back (no good ever comes from this)….That’s our problem Matt we never actually talked about what we wanted and I’m sorry for not having the courage to do this as it could’ve saved a lot of heartache and anger this week. I love you Matt and I miss you, but I don’t believe you love me. There’s nothing wrong with that. The reasons why I felt I wasn’t that important to you was because with the limited time (we’re both busy and I wasn’t asking for more time) we have together we didn’t get a lot of ‘just us’ time, you wouldn’t acknowledge me as your girlfriend, you didn’t want me there last Saturday night, you made no plans to join me for my birthday….Despite this you’re a good man with a good heart, it just didn’t work out. I wish you and little M all the best xox. He sent me a sweet text for my birthday but this doesn’t mean anything…We haven’t addressed any of the issues that broke us up; so I’m choosing to treat this as a ‘friendly’ text and I’m not going to text him again to start a conversation (as much as my heart wants to)…Because I know I’d just get myself right back into a relationship that isn’t good for me. Of course this doesn’t stop me thinking about him and missing him but that’s all part of the process and I’ll get there. 
  3. No more credit card shopping! I really need to settle down on this and remember those bigger goals! Time to say no to shopping and start to pay those debts off! 

Have a great week everyone!