As I got my morning hot chocolate this morning I overheard one barista say to the other, “Robins Williams is dead”. I was in shock – it couldn’t be true, I didn’t want to accept it…. I checked my news sites and it was confirmed. At 63 Robin Williams has been found dead in his home; an apparent suicide as it has been stated that he was suffering from a deep depression. This beautiful man who had made the world laugh was gone. More importantly this beautiful man who made us all laugh was fighting the grimmest and most horrid thing – the black dog of depression.

Depression is a silent/unseen disease. I lost an uncle a few years ago to depression – we never knew how desperate he was feeling, how lost and how hopeless life seemed to him until it was too late. Some people may blame the person who takes their own life – rage against them, hate them and tell them they took the easy way out. I don’t feel that at all about suicide and I certainly didn’t the night my cousin called to say they’d found her father. I felt an overwhelming sadness and there where deep sobs as I thought of 2 girls without a father, 1 wife without a husband, and 1 grandson without a pop. I also thought about another son, my middle cousin, who died in a car accident 10 years earlier; who would now have his dad beside him. I often wonder how a family survives such tragedy – but they have and they will. For now I urge you all to hug your loved ones that little bit tighter and don’t be afraid to ask them are you ok? Please also be ready to listen if they respond with, “No, I’m not”.

In honour of the wonderful man Robin Williams I’ve found some of my absolute favourite scenes of his career…

Good will Hunting

What Dreams May Come

Patch Adams

Good Morning Vietnam


Mrs Doubtfire


Finally in honour of my uncle Pete and cousin Paul here’s some pics of happy times together and 2 of their favourite songs:

Someone bring me some water (Pete loved, loved, loved Melissa Etheridge)

Life is a Highway (Paul loved this song and despite the fact that it’s been played at all major family gatherings for the past 10 years – there’s dancing and singing – only a few of us have learnt the full song but we all sing along at the top of our lungs in the chorus).

If you need help or someone to talk to please contact the following: