So I’ve been pretty unmotivated to get back to the box the last couple of weeks and have only managed 1-2 sessions a week! Today was going to be different I told myself. So I set my alarm for 5.30am but when it came on I was to tired so I told myself is go after work (which never happens). Is also checked today’s wod – normally all this does is uninspire me to attend but today I was pumped… Thrusters. One of my favourites – I knew I couldn’t miss it.


I also downloaded the a new app called ‘wod genius’. It generates wod’s for you at home using what equipment you tell it you have. This mornings wod went like this…

4 rounds for time
7 x kettlebell swings (I used a 12kg one I have at home & did roman swings)
7 x broad jumps
7 x double unders
7 x squat jumps
7 x air squats

I couldn’t seem to nail my double unders this morning so I did 21 single skips a round (my crossfit coaches usually triple any double under score for singles). It wasn’t a long workout – took just under 9mins to complete. A nice little warm up before I walked coco before work.

Also for the record I did make it to the box this evening! It was hard and those thrusters were filthy (I scaled them to 15, but next time I’m aiming for 20kg). I got there in the end at 12:25, the slowest in the class but still something on the board which is better than nothing. Plus the support from the other babes was great & really kept me going! Bring on tomorrow x