Heya blogmates, how was your weekend? Mine was very productive = boring! I channelled my inner Martha Stewart:

  •  photo 1 (8)I baked a zucchini and egg slice (basically a frittata)
  • I cleaned my house like a boss
  • I up-cycled some seriously mushy bananas into home made banana bread (FYI how much sugar is in banana bread?)
  • I washed and hung out 4 loads of washing
  • I walked Coco Pop
  • I cleaned out my closet (literally) and have a few bags of clothes for charity
  • I did some work for my parents company
  • I slow cooked Beef Massamun Curry using mostly whole ingredients (the curry paste was store brought – I’m not perfect)
  • I only drank 4 glasses of wine (1 red, 3 white) all weekend


I don’t feel productive! I was bored out of my mind! It’s hard when all your friends have lives and you’re single and it’s raining….Now I know there’s plenty of people who would say well be thankful you a) have a roof over your head b) had mushy bananas to make a banana bread (as well as a working oven) and c) at least you had Coco for company. And I am incredibly thankful and grateful but it still didn’t stop me from being bored and lonely over the weekend.

martha stewart

However I am happy I survived my first ‘blue day’ weekend. I knew it was coming…It’s been 3 weeks since Matt and I broke up (no new news to report there – no more contact between either of us which is for the best) and the last 3 weekends I’ve been busy so all that ‘high’ had to come crashing down at some point. What do you do to combat days/weekends when this happens to you?