It’s fathers here in Australia and I wanted to share something about my dad. My earliest memory of my dad is reading me a story before bed. I have a distinct memory of him reading to me with 2 bandaged hands…. He’d been in an explosion at work (he used to work in quality assurance for a big chipboard/laminate company) and even though it was late (and he was in pain) he still read me my story.


I’m blessed because my dad has always been there for me. His words of wisdom always resonate with me. His best advice on finding the love of your life, “Look for someone who is generous and can compromise”. His other advice, “Never, never, never, never give up”. He’s a good man my dad, with a good heart who does his best to treat people how he wants to be treated, to be honest and hardworking, and he is a big believer in loyalty and I got my love of scotch from him. I also got my black humour from him and my ability to internalise stuff until they explode. My dad is a Pisces – a calm fish in a sea of 3 women (my mother, my sister and I) who are all fire signs. He is incredibly calm and affable until you ‘press the red button’… Then all bets are off!

I’m not spending Father’s Day with him but will call him in 30 mins to wish him happy Father’s Day as he packs up the catering for a day of touring on Fraser Island. I saw him last weekend and gave him his little gift – a Star Wars tee – he’s a massive Star Wars geek…. We’ve watched Return of the Jedi so much my sister and I can quote it!


My dad is also a HUGE fan of nicknames. My mother gets princess or possum, my sister is the baby mongoose, and I’m his Scandinavian trotting duck or snow crocus….. Once he even called me a garden slug (I’m sure it was a term of endearment). His favourite movies are:

– Shrek (he cracks up at Donkey every time)
– BlackHawk down
– Lord of the rings (he used to call us his ‘precious’)
– Anything featuring Steven Segal… If it’s a straight to DVD release the better.

His favourite football team (and mine too – you can guess I’m a daddy’s girl): Essendon AFL football club.

How do you celebrate Father’s Day? What makes your dad so special? If you have kids do you have any nicknames for them or any special traditions you do with your kids?