Date night with myself !
It’s currently interval at the Andrea Bocelli concert. So far everything has been beautiful …. Italian or French opera is divine. I can’t understand a lick of the language but to be honest Signore Bocelli could sing the alphabet and I’d be delighted.

First up I decided on a witchery maxi dress with covered heels (it is the opera …. No open toes here). Plus the frock is comfortable as well as stylish – I like my fashion to be both.


Though I have to admit Brisbane (concert venue city) has let itself down a bit. Not enough gents in suits or ladies in frocks … But each to his own I guess.


I’m sitting in a sea of couples. They weren’t too impressed with my arriving after them and having to shuffle along without touching anyone…. For the record I did offer to stay at the end and have everyone else move one seat in but they declined.

The first half has gone very quick. I’m becoming impatient to see Delta Goodrem (the very special guest) perform. Goodrem is an Australian pop star whom I’ve followed since her break through album innocent eyes . I love her music and her name on the concert roll (as well as the half price ticket) was the deciding factor to come along.

I’ll update the second half and my favourite songs a little later x