I’m still smiling from the magic I experienced last night at the Andrea Bocelli concert. The second half was equally amazing as Signore Bocelli took on more modern songs.

For me I was awaiting the arrival of Delta and wondered what songs she would be duetting with Andrea. Her first song was a cover of love thy will be done and it was beautiful. Prayer like in sound, a mantra to remember she had the audience in the palm of her hand. I’ve seen Delta’s last 2 concerts and own all of her concert DVDs but I was blown away by her sound – this girl has been honing her voice! She always sounds like an angel but last night it was sublime.

When Andrea came back on stage to sing love me tender I was lost. I’m a sucker for an Elvis tune and there were a few tears as he made this song into something better than it ever was with his divine voice. Then Delta swept back onto stage and together they sang when I fall in love and I can’t help falling in love . Then it was more modern music for Andrea before Delta came back to sing my favourite time to say goodbye. This song is so emotive and every time I love it. The final number of the night was my other favourite Nessum Dorma… I don’t understand what he is singing but this song never fails to move me and with Andrea singing there were tears again that I was having this moment. Who knew opera made me mushy?


Does anyone know what the lyrics of Nessum Dorma are? I only know this song moves me every time.

Finally one of the best things I loved when leaving last night was the mix of people who attended. I even spotted a family with 2 little girls – I dare say they came more for Delta but I home they fell in love with Bocelli too… I double dare anyone to listen to him and not.

Ps. I didn’t take any video of the signing…. I was too busy just being and listening to God sing.
Pps. Seriously if Andrea Bocelli plays a concert near you… Do yourself a favour and go! It will change your life! Even if you don’t like opera.