I’m still smiling from the magic I experienced Sunday night at the Andrea Bocelli concert. Here’s my full recap:

The entire concert was beautiful …. Italian or French opera is divine. The first half featured opera in French or Italian – I can’t understand a lick of the language but to be honest Signore Bocelli could sing the alphabet and I’d be delighted.

IMG_6308-0First up I decided on a witchery maxi dress with covered heels (it is the opera …. No open toes here). Plus the frock is comfortable as well as stylish – I like my fashion to be both. It wasn’t easy to chose what to wear; after all I’m in the ‘nose bleed’ section of the entertainment centre so I didn’t want to go too fancy but then again it’s the OPERA! You have to frock up a little.


I’m sitting in a sea of couples. They weren’t too impressed with my arriving after them and having to shuffle along without touching anyone…. For the record I did offer to stay at the end and have everyone else move one seat in but they declined.

I’m impatient to see Delta Goodrem (the very special guest) perform. Goodrem is an Australian pop star whom I’ve followed since her break through album innocent eyes. I love her music and her name on the concert roll (as well as the half price ticket) was the deciding factor to come along. I’ve seen Andrea perform years ago and whilst it was lovely there is something about tonight that is all the more magical – maybe it’s the full orchestra on stage or the choir with them. No matter what I love it!

The second half was equally amazing as Signore Bocelli took on more modern songs.

For me I was awaiting the arrival of Delta and wondered what songs she would be performing duet with Andrea. Her first song was a cover of love thy will be done and it was beautiful. Prayer like in sound, a mantra to remember she had the audience in the palm of her hand. I’ve seen Delta’s last 2 concerts and own all of her concert DVDs but I was blown away by her sound – this girl has been honing her voice! She always sounds like an angel but last night it was sublime.

IMG_0117 IMG_0115

When Andrea came back on stage to sing love me tender I was lost. I’m a sucker for an Elvis tune and there were a few tears as he made this song into something better than it ever was with his divine voice. Then Delta swept back onto stage and together they sang when I fall in love and I can’t help falling in love. Then it was more modern music for Andrea before Delta came back to sing my favourite time to say goodbye. This song is so emotive and every time I love it. The final number of the night was my other favourite Nessum Dorma… I don’t understand what he is singing but this song never fails to move me and with Andrea singing there were tears again that I was having this moment. Who knew opera made me mushy?

Does anyone know what the lyrics of Nessum Dorma are? I only know this song moves me every time.

Finally one of the best things I loved when leaving last night was the mix of people who attended. I even spotted a family with 2 little girls – I dare say they came more for Delta but I hope they fell in love with Bocelli too… I double dare anyone to listen to him and not.

Ps. I didn’t take any video of the signing…. I was too busy just being and listening to God sing.
Pps. Seriously if Andrea Bocelli plays a concert near you… Do yourself a favour and go! It will change your life! Even if you don’t like opera.