The best cure for a monster hangover? Street food style quesadilla! Brisbane has a cool new market at Portside, Hamilton. The Eat Street Markets run Friday and Saturday from 4pm-10pm serving up an array of yummy food. From Japanese cauliflower pizzas to Mexican quesadillas there’s a good amount to choose from. Next time I’m definitely trying the Singapore street food stall. There’s also a few non-food stalls selling letterpress cards, handmade signs, clothes, and other arts/crafts.

Thankfully mum & I are ok too. But now with a clearer view of what occurred last night there are questions of why anyone would ever think it’s appropriate to leave 2 women clearly so drunk in the middle of a busy road at 1:20am in the morning. Also it would seem that it wasn’t my mum who insisted to get into another cab. The horrid taxi driver pulled over to look up the address & as everyone was trying to tell him where to go he said something rude that upset mum, therefore she went off at him. I didn’t understand what he had said and told her to stop being stupid as we just wanted to get home. When drunk mum gets very emotional and so she took offence to this and got out of the taxi. Also for the record no one else got out of the taxi to try and get us both back in – even when I told them to go….they just left us there in the middle of a road without a footpath even in the middle of the night.

To the other people in the taxi I hope you never have someone treat you as you treated my mother and I last night. I can assure you I would never leave someone on the side of the road – even if they were drunk, yelling, annoying & inconvenient.

What would you have done?