I have a confession to make – I’m a little obsessed with dress-ups! I’ve trotted out a nurse outfit for university mixers, hired costumes for friends birthdays, held a fancy dress-up when I turned 19 (I went as Jessica Rabbit – sorry I don’t have photographic evidence of this night), once had a friend wrap me in a cream sheet toga style for a cousin’s 30th….But despite all of this I have never dressed up for Halloween. This year that changed when I decided to host my first ever Halloween Party.

A bunch of people couldn’t make it but that didn’t matter.I decided I’d have a good time no matter what. Here’s a few pics from the night:

photo 2 photo 5a

How cute are these? My hugely talented flatmate Crystal made them….The gingerbread haunted house tasted delish!

photo 4a photo 2a

The little hot dog mummies tasted so good! How cute is Coco Pop looking with her special Red Riding Hood handkerchief? She matched her mummy…

photo 3a photo 1e

Little Red Riding Hood is all grown up. A very special mention to Crystal again for doing the awesome special effect makeup – she’s a qualified special effects makeup artist and we wanted to make Red a little wild. Plus I love, love, love that the skirt of this dress was long. I didn’t want to come as ‘sexy’ or ‘sassy’ red riding hood.

photo 2b photo 1a

My flatmate Crystal and her boyfriend Damen. Coco Pop adores these guys so much but it freaked her out when Damen was all dressed up in his costume….The minute he took the head off the costume she was all excited to see him as if to say, “There you are, I’ve been looking for you”.

photo 4b photo 3b

More views of the amazing wolf attack Crystal created for me!

photo 3e photo 3

My lovely friends Lisa and Natalie who dressed up too! Lisa came as a devil (she had little horns in her wig) and Natalie borrowed my police woman outfit. Coco decided she wanted to be in the photo too!

photo 4d trick or treat

Ness and Blake did their own makeup and looked awesome! You know we didn’t get any trick or treaters visit our place? We were ready to give them a Halloween cupcake though.

Cooly hotel 3 cooly hotel Cooly hotel 2

After everyone went home us girls headed out to our local bar for more drinks and some dancing. There were heaps of people dressed up and a professional photographer…As you can see we were pretty popular!

All in all my first Halloween Party was a success: a small group of friends over in dress-up for fresh chilli (I made it in the slow cooker) and some other treats before hitting the town for drinks and dancing!