Kylie quote The girls

To my beautiful Kylie

Just a little note to let you know how loved you are.

Kylie is an incredibly private person who is going through one of the crappiest years ever. I’m praying she will be ok with me posting this but I wanted to remind her why she is a beautiful soul inside & out…..

  • Kylie hired me on my first real job after university.
  • K is my partner in dancing (by God there will be dancing)!
  • She is so strong & giving & wise.
  • The biggest blue eyes you’ve ever seen.
  • A wicked laugh.
  • A life long love of the Whitlams – remember the night we got into that concert for free?
  • She knows her self worth and has never settled for second best.
  • Bikram yoga queen – she loves it hot & sweaty.
  • K has an absolute moral compass & treats others as she would like to be treated.
  • She can scent out an Irish pub at 100 paces.
  • World traveller & always open to new experiences.
  • Beautiful with a big heart.
  • I love her style – not too fussy, not too girly. All woman & hasn’t met a belt she doesn’t like.
  • She’s a fierce defender of friends – always has our back!!
  • Loyal & honest & a good egg.
  • Master cocktail maker!
  • Has a great sense of humour – San Fran winery tour to Napa Valley???
  • I could on and on but know this Kylie is one special person and anyone who is friends with her is incredibly blessed.

It was her birthday on Saturday and I completely forgot – I am so so so sorry about this! I know she still had a good weekend and we’re both counting down for better times ahead for this amazing lady!

Happy Birthday to you