Yesterday I watched my amazing friend Claire compete in the finals of a local crossfit comp known as Wodstock. They hold comps all over Australia and in Queensland they have 4 comps per series: Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast & Brisbane. I attended 3 of 4 to support Claire who is an aspiring Crossfit elite athlete (she trains close to 3 hours 6 days a week) who I met at my box last year when she first joined crossfit babes Miami.

In the past year plus ClaireBear has gone strength to strength chasing her goals. She’s taken specialist classes to improve her lifts – they are a work of art. And has subscribed for additional conditioning from our coaches to get faster, fitter, stronger. On top of all this she’s just been named as a new coach at our affiliate Crossfit Babes Miami…. The only way is up for this girl. But most importantly she is genuinely one of the sweetest women I am honoured to call my friend. She always got time for a laugh and has a beautiful positive outlook on life. Something I strive to have… Though it’s hard on the bad days.

Overall Claire placed 5th in the comp which is an amazing outcome. The WODs were tough and conditions at each comp have ranged from cold/wet/fog/rain through to full sun and humidity in 30 degrees Celsius +. And yes all the workouts are done outside. It’s pretty inspiring stuff – oh and the scenery (the men’s divisions are pretty easy on the eye too ha ha).

So I’m taking a leaf out of Claire’s book and list all of the positive/wonderful things I’m grateful for:

1. Wodstock
Supporting my friend and watch her hit some pretty awesome goals was a gift. Having to watch half naked men run around working out was a challenge I was happy to accept – someone’s gotta do it! Channelling my inner soccer mom and cheering Claire on makes me laugh… Oh my I feel so obnoxious; me the novice crossfitter who hasn’t nailed her first kipping pull up, yelling at her to pick up the bar. The community of crossfit (I know you hear a lot about it) but when you see perfect stranger cheering a group of people on, most of who are wearing the fuck you pain face, it’s awesome. But the best thing about Wodstock is their chosen charity is Street Swags who provide a basic shelter for homeless people, somewhere they can keep safe (it’s covered and designed to not stand out. I.e. Attract unwanted attention, plus it rolls up so it relocatable and easy to carry). Homelessness is a massive issue worldwide and I LOVE this organisation that seeks to assist those who live on the streets with a right now practical solution whilst other companies work on helping people off the streets and creating more safe shelters for people to live. On a side note I read that Street Swags can provide a swag suitable for a family… Let that thought sit with you for a moment…. Gives you perspective. I’m thankful for my messy house.

2. This mornings sunrise. I don’t have a photo of it as I was driving home from Brisbane. I decided to catch up with friends for a drink/dinner which ended in staying most of the night. I grabbed a few hours kip on their couch so was very tired … But this sunrise took my breath away and I felt really blessed to experience that moment. Plus coming home to a very happy Coco Pop is always good.

3. OMG this video:
I love the visualisation technique right before the jump.

4. I kissed a man and I liked it. One of my friends last night was a former lover. We shared a few kisses before I left as he tried to convince me to stay. I declined. Who knows what will happen next time? It looks like my libido wasn’t dead after all – praise the sweet lord!

5. Old friends. Catching up with old friends from my life in Brisbane was a lot of fun. Plus we ate ice cream…. It was divine. And we laughed, so much laughter, about Me-Ghan, sushi, boring sky divers, fainting goats (how did I not know about these), and pet Eagles….

6. On Friday morning Coco and I got up super early and snuck down to the beach for an early morning walk. It was overcast and humid, rain was coming. There was only one other person there… Bliss. Just dog, ocean, Sky and me.

How’s your week been blog mates? What are you grateful for?