Can you believe 2014 is almost over?? Christmas was a week ago and today is my last working day of the year. As per usual there’s a lot of reflection happening at this time. I’ve got a year in review post coming soon but first I wanted to share how we do Christmas in Australia!

‘Twas the night before Christmas and the annual family catch up was in full swing…. Hats, laughter, wine, and food were the key themes…





Then the big day had arrived! Santa had been and even left gifts for the doggies! I was lucky enough to receive a BBQ (a must for the Aussie backyard), a beautiful vintage style locket with the message ‘life is an adventure’, a blender for fruit frappes/ tequila slushies, and lots of other lovely gifts from loved ones!



My families tradition is normally gift opening and then mimosas with a big cooked breakfast. However due to some sore heads we skipped mimosas and stuck with straight OJ and a delish fry up of bacon and eggs. Before a dip in the pool and a chance to try out the Christmas gift of the moment… The selfie stick!!


Lunch is a served late in the day… Cooked meats chilled to suit the hot summer day along with salads, more fizz (heads were less sore by then), ice cream cake for dessert and even more selfies as the afternoon went on.



Then it was time for coco and I to get our annual Christmas pic. But with the weather so hot the little princess wouldn’t budge from the floor….


Our day ends watching the family favourite love actually. Though this year it was voted to watch one of my dad’s new flicks – Transformers Age of Extinction. Because what says Christmas more than trucks that can transform into robots??

What about you? How do you celebrate Christmas? Any special gifts you received this year??