So I’ve decided to wade back into the online dating pool….. It’s scary  and yes I’ve been hurt before but I feel ready. Well no, not really. I’d like to have firmed up my body and be feeling fitter but the honest truth is that over the course of the years of my life my body is going to move up and down the scales, I will be fit and then I will be un-fit. Rather than wait until my body is where I feel it should be I am embracing how it looks now….Complete with spare tire plus extra curves and cellulite. This is me. Brace yourselves POF (plenty of fish…AKA plenty of freaks, here I come).

brooke pof profile

As they say in American Top Model…Here are my best shots!

IMG_7676 sucker for snakes OCT 14 NOV 2014 merci brisbane SEP 2014 halloween 2014

Wish me luck!

Who else is trying online dating??? Any stories to share??