Today’s Highlights are brought to by a sleep deprived 30 something woman who is questioning her sanity at entering the shallow shallow waters of the online dating pool…..

Another hard limit: it’s never ok to comment on my hair. Unless it is to compliment me.

Bacchie Michael had promise. More than 1 profile pic, has hair (I keep dating men without hair…. Hence I need to diversify), a job and is kind to his nephews. However this evening he committed a cardinal sin in suggesting a makeover for my hair….

I suspect there’s also a vague reference to helping me loose weight. Thanks Michael but no one, no one, tells me how I should wear my hair. Unless he’s John Frieda.

Then this morning I can across this eligible bacchie….

Now he comes accross as a stand up guy. Polite, well mannered, good grammar (Rob you would approve) but there’s a few yellow flags:
1. The freaking spider in his profile pic!!! Really? I hate spiders. Hate them. I’m thinking this is another hard limit.
2. He’s into motorbikes, I’m not. Call me lame but the only power I want between my legs is a man…. Or a JetSki.
3. He has no hair. I’d be type casting myself….. The last 3 men have all had no hair!

The search continues….

What do you think? Should I lower my lists of hard limits and open my mind?