laugh date Have you ever wondered if online dating is like The Bachelor the home game? The difference is that you don’t know what the other women you are competing against look like? Plus there’s no rose ceremony….Just a delete and block functionality.

Today in Brooke’s Bacchie land I wish to introduce some new players to the game…..

online dating picThe man without a face

Danny contacted me this morning. His profile name is BigDikDan…So much for mystery? His profile pic was of him with 2 small children (well at least we know his BigDik works) but then seconds later it was a cartoon. POF drives me mad that people can sign up without a profile picture. However I did have a nice, but brief conversation with Danny; I’d happily chat to him again – if only to request he load up more profile pictures. In the 5 short exchanges we had he didn’t refer to me by my name, he asked if I have KiK (seriously – I’m a 33 yr old woman – my cousin who is 13 has KiK) and then asked if he could have my number to give me a call. I haven’t responded….

why do you want my number For a moment there I thought I was being paranoid and a big ole scaredy cat – why couldn’t I give him my number? Open heart, open mind and all that jazz. If I met this man out and chatted to him and there was chemistry I would most likely pass over my number. Wait up! If I had met this man out I would know what he looked like and would be able to get a real gauge of our chemistry face to face – therefore I could make an educated choice on the matter. Also he’s only looking for ‘casual dating/no commitment’ and honestly that is not what I’m looking for. What do you think? Should I have given him my number? After all his profile name suggests I might have a good time….


Mr tall, dark and handsome Swan contacted me within 24 hours and I was instantly attracted to his photos. Great eyes, cute smile, potential beefy body. Plus he didn’t try to smooze me….A simple; “Hi Brooke, how are you on this lovely evening”  was his opening line. Simplicity gets me every time…I don’t need corny lines – I prefer real and direct. Of course it helped he told me that he thinks I’m a beautiful woman swoon! So there’s been a little chatting back and forth – so far so good. This morning something interesting happened:

Him: Have a good day sweety xx

Me: Thanks, you too. xox 

Now for the record I only do the xox for my friends and family. It surprised me that I wanted to send it back. Maybe it was politeness but I know it wasn’t….I’m interested to learn more about this man.

Before you all point the finger at the spelling error in sweetie – I know, I noticed it too. I’ll admit I have some reservations…

His profile is short and talks about wanting to find someone genuine who doesn’t expect more than he’s willing to give and he’s sick of getting his heart broken.

Join the club dude! This has raised a yellow flag with me….I’m not into damaged goods and his profile is pretty blunt. My gut tells me he’s been searching for love and finding it hard – however I worry about the ‘expect more than willing to give’…Does this mean he’s selfish? Only one way to find out – ASK!

Then there’s Brett. He’s a science nerd (seriously a medical researcher) who reminds me a little of my ex Tim (you haven’t heard about him – he was a good one). He looks like normal to slim build with longer hair (for the record Mr Swan also has hair). I met him on Tinder and he has a wicked sense of humour. We’re currently discussing the rules to a tickling contest that may or may not happen sometime in the future. He’s cute. He also has a little foot fetish.

Watch this space…Anything could happen! Plus I may have some on RSVP as well.

Thoughts….Feedback….What do y’all think blogmates?? Any real suitors there??