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June 2015

Allure at Currumbin 

I’m sitting in bed munching on TV Snacks. It’s 4am and it is bliss. Ridge Forrester has family staying over so we’re having a rare Saturday night apart but I’m totally down with that…. He wouldn’t let me have food in bed! 


On Thursday Mr Forrester suggested we go to Allure at Currumbin for dinner date night on Friday. We’d both heard good things about this restaurant and after spotting deep fried Camembert on the menu I was sold.

Allure is an award winning French restaurant set on a side  street (read: no view) in Currumbin, Gold Coast, Queensland. French chic elegance is the restaurants theme with an intimate layout featuring white linen tablecloths, black chairs and white sideboards.

What I wore: Witchery zebra print maxi dress, last year. You might remember it as the outfit du jour for my night at the Opera last year. Complete with blazer and black ankle booties.

He wore: grey wash jeans, collared shirt, lace up skate shoes, and my favourite Polo Red cologne. 

We ate:  

 Starter (to share): deep friend Camembert cheese with cranberry sauce and a strip of basil/balsamic dressing for extra flavour. Generous chunks of this cheese deep fried to bring out its creaminess. The cranberry sauce was sweet but so a small dollop was all you needed. 


B: a perfectly cooked medium eye fillet Mignon with steamed vegetables and potato gratin; finished with a red wine jus. I find the older I get the more I enjoy a steak that is cooked to medium or less. To order this tender cut of meat to be cooked longer than medium should be considered a crime. 

RF: a divine duck risotto rich and flavoursome with truffle oil. The duck was shredded through the rice with my favourite porcini mushroom. FYI the smell of mushrooms cooking turns my stomach but after trying porcini ones once at an Italian cooking class I love their depth of flavour so much I don’t mind the cooking smells.  The best hot, wet rice I’ve tried in a while (yes we shared our dishes with each other). 


B:  I am still dreaming over this creme brûlée. I always study a menu dessert first and when I saw the brûlée I knew what I had to have. The brandy snap was sweet and had a great crunch. The custard was creamy and the first chocolate brûlée I’d tried. But it’s all about the crack of the burnt sugar crust when you tap it for me and this didn’t disappoint. The bitter burnt sugar crust a lovely compliment to the smooth custard. 
  RF: in between entree and main we were given a fresh watermelon and mint sorbet to cleanse our palates. RF fell so in love with this!  When he spotted sorbet on the menu he had to have it. With 5 different sorbet flavours in a edible toffee basket he was in heaven. The sorbets were fresh and juicy featuring lemon, mandarin, kiwi fruit, watermelon and mango flavours. Though his absolute favourite thing was the hand spun toffee basket. 

Overall I’d rate allure a 8/10. The meal was lovely and service very attentive. The hero of my meal was that divine brûlée; however I felt the sugar crust could’ve been caramelised some more in the middle of the custard. Additionally the menu is very seafood focused to take advantage of the fresh seafood available on the coast… However if you’re a non seafood lover you’d struggle to find a dish without it. I think allure will be our new favourite date night restaurant. 

What about you? Do you have a favourite date night place to go to? 


I heart Weekend 

on Saturday night Ridge Forrester had date night for the Cooly Rocks On Festival. 

Cooly Rocks on is Austrslia’s largest 1950s festival complete with rock n roll dancers, fashion and some serious muscle cars. 

Did I mention that we’re now calling each other boyfriend/girlfriend AND we’re planning a mini-break soon to getaway just us. #swoon.

Festival pics & our official Instagram couple photo: 





 After a few red wines (a gentle Yarra Valley Pinot Noir) we ended up at a food truck selling pulled pork rolls….omg they were so good! 

On my way home Sunday I was inspired to make my own pulled pork in the slow cooker! I found a fabulous sauce recipe here. The results were impressive…. I’ve had a simple slider with the pulled pork and slaw for breakfast & dinner 2 days in a row. Tomorrow I’m planning pulled pork tacos and then fajitas for Wednesday night date night. 




 I’ve got so much pork I need suggestions fog another 3 meals….. What do you recommend? 

Ps. How was your weekend? 

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