So a few months ago I completed a 4 week long clean eating challenge with my old gym (you can read about it here). After I WON the challenge (modest, aren’t I?) I celebrated by treating myself to some lovely food and drink. I kept treating myself to all the things I wasn’t allowed to have that before long I’d slipped off the eating healthy wagon and was back to where I started all over again!

best friend

I tried a few times to eat better….I joked with friends I was on a farewell food tour and that meant I would have to eat everything that wasn’t on the ‘clean eating list’….FYI this included (but wasn’t limited too) the following:

  • Chocolate….Be it a candy bar (hello timeout I’m looking at you), a block (eaten over a few days), or even a pudding I didn’t refuse myself. I embraced it and almost skipped over to the supermarket for my morning ‘snacks’.
  • Cheese….Oh My, did I have some cheese boards with wine (and then more wine); which ended up in the ‘drunk munchies’ and me searching for chocolate to soothe my drunky sweet tooth.
  • Crisps….Glorious crisps! Delicious crinkle cut crisps or the thinly sliced, it didn’t matter which; I ate them all. Then the marketing geniuses at Coles reduced packets of my beloved Twisties to just .88 cents and in my mind that’s what heaven is like!
  • Ice Cream…Not even the fancy pants stuff like Messina or Gelati. In the middle of winter I’ve managed to eat bowls of vanilla and chocolate Blue Ribbon. Mmmmmm.
  • Take out…..Hello Hungry Jacks and MacDonalds. I haven’t met a hamburger I haven’t liked so these guys are my go to for fast food. I prefer HJ’s over Maccas for burgers but I like the fries more at Macca’s and don’t get me started on the total perfection of McFlurries. Needless to say I have been eating takeout at least twice a week over the past 6+ weeks.

ice cream twisties_cheese

The problem is my farewell tour kept going….I kept eating what I wanted and before long I noticed my middle had spread. My build is like a pear ….smaller on top with a big booty! Or you could compare me to a snowman. So as my middle spreads I get what I refer to as my ‘sugar baby’. My middle to lower abs take on a decidedly round look and depending on how full I was my body resembled that of a pregnant woman. A couple of weeks ago I brought new swimmers and whilst I love them (they do amazing things for my boobs) I couldn’t help but notice how prominent by sugar baby was. Of course I swore I’d eat better….I went out and brought healthy stuff and attempted to hide my bad stuff in my cupboard. Unfortunately I didn’t actually cook with any of my healthy stuff and as I was headed to Melbourne for a week of sales calls I just kinda gave in.

The other night I decided I had to make an effort to eat better before I jet off to Europe (did I mention I’m going to Europe in less than a MONTH?). The benefits would be that I’d re-teach my body good foods so would be less likely to eat too much ‘bad’ stuff whilst away; plus I’ve have the added advantage of a smaller sugar baby! All win wins, especially for those swimmers.


Today is day 1 of what I’ve been referring to as detox. I need at least a week of no processed food (OMG that means no chocolate), wine (Holy Shit….Am I really doing this), or takeout to help my body remember how much it loves good healthy food. I remember doing this last time and found the first week to be the hardest! In fact my flatmate told me last night that during the last detox I was a f***ing b**ch (charming). But seeing as she won’t be paying my medical bills when I’m older and still obese she doesn’t get a say in it!

Day 1 achievements:

  • I drank a whole litre of water before midday (winning).
  • I really, really, really, really want a piece of chocolate! Seriously guys I need something. I feel the sugar baby tap dancing in my belly demanding I feed it something yummy.
  • Last night I food prepped for today! Roast pumpkin, grilled chicken, mini mince patties (snacks), carrot sticks and celery. Prep is King. If I can keep on top of prep then I can keep eating healthy!
  • It’s now almost time for dinner which means I’ve made it through most the day without eating something that isn’t on the ‘list’.

I’ll keep you posted how each day goes….Wish me luck!

Is anyone else on detox? Or just trying to eat less krispy creams to fit into swimmers??