Do you ever have days when it feels like you’re followed by a grey cloud wherever you go? Everything seems so overwhelming and too hard? When this happens to me I call them FML days!

I’ve never considered myself as someone who is depressed but the last couple of years I’ve realised something….Everyone can have bad days or in my case FML days.

Today’s FML day commenced with my laptop dying…Seriously it just died whilst I was trying to do my stupid tax return (that could also be contributed to a FML day). Then my friendly neighbour dropped by to let me know my darling dog Coco had been barking again (there’s a WHOLE back story here….I’ll go into another time), then I couldn’t find batteries for Coco’s special dog barking collar and all of a sudden life felt too hard. I was seriously overwhelmed with tears.

Now I know you’re probably shaking your head thinking, “First world problems princess. Really no need to cry over split milk.” I 100% agree with you but on FML days it’s the little things that become BIG things.

Then to add further insult I was running late for work. I had a day of meetings in Byron Bay to attend to. When I finally got into the car I realised I was at least an hour late #winning.

Then something happened to me in Byron to change my FML day to a pretty sweet day. Everyone was genuinely lovely. Every single meeting was great – they were engaged and I felt like I actually made some headway with some new contacts too. The sun was out and it was a mild winters day. It was magical.

Byron Bay is good for your soul

Then to top my day off I caught up with an old friend who is just a doll. Her name is Julie and she works in the local railway station. She was telling me how one of the homeless men who sleeps near the station fell over and broke his hip and is in hospital. As he has no one to care for him she has made  a point of dropping in each day to check on him and keep him company in the hospital. Today she ran errands for him as he can’t move with the broken hip. She also told me how she’d donated some money to the local Vinnie’s charity because they always bring down blankets for the homeless people who sleep near the station. God she’s got a beautiful heart.

What a selfless gorgeous woman she is.

Before I even dropped into Julie I was happier, I could still feel the black cloud of the FML day loitering; but the sunshine was pushing through.

rose tint my worldI also managed to grab a final piece of my travel wardrobe too. I’ve been thinking about this top for weeks now after seeing it on another bloggers post. To my delight it was in stock, on sale and in my size….What are the odds?

Then I found these awesome sunglasses which were also on sale! Plus they are literally rose tinted lenses…I love them. There is no way my FML day could touch me now.

To be absolutely sure though I dropped into the supermarket and brought myself a chocolate bar. Yeah, yeah I know; it’s emotional eating. But it tasted damn good. And once I’d seen what my flatmate had left for the magical dishwashing fairy (that’s me in case you’re wondering) I knew I deserved it.

twix  dishwasher fairy


To finish my FML day I had Chilli and a BIG ass glass of wine! SO you could say that Detox Day 2 was a write off…Who cares at the end of the day I was happier than I started!

Do you suffer from FML days too? What do you do to combat them??