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December 2015


On the 19 end of October it was Coco Pop’s fourth birthday. I call it her birthday but really it should be called her forever home day… It’s the date she chose me. It’s been 2 years since she came home to live with me. I try and write a piece on the year that was to remember her forever home day but this year the words didn’t want to come easily….

Goodness I had such grand plans when I brought my girl home over 2 years ago. I had visions of us wandering off to cafes for breakfast, daily walks by the beach, doggy play dates at the park, and of course my pocket princess would be perfectly behaved when we were out in public! If you’re not laughing at the above then you’ve never owned a dog!!!

The reality is coco pop is perfectly imperfect dog:

  • She hates cafes (I’ve tried a few times and it’s been so awful for both of us I don’t whether to laugh or cry);
  • Doesn’t care for children;
  • Considers ibis birds a national threat and it’s her sworn duty to chase and bark at them;
  • She is either indifferent to other dogs or she tries to dominate them;
  • She has a particular issue with black Labradors;
  • If lunging, barking, jumping around, trying to pull off her halti, and cutting other people off while walking is considered good public behaviour then Coco Pop is a star!

Even though she is imperfect, she’s perfect for me. This crazy dog who was such a timid girl when she arrived has blossomed this past year. I’ve spoken to experts, asked friends, reached out via Facebook, and even done a bunch of my own research to address some of Coco’s behaviours; specifically her barking while I’m at work.

Despite 2 big walks a day, sleeping inside my room of a night, and a weekly visit to doggy day care it would seem that the pocket princess likes to be kept company all day. I don’t blame her; it gets boring when you’ve only got yourself for company. Unfortunately until my work agrees to become a pet friendly hotel I can’t take her to the office with me and home she must stay.

Thanks to some great feedback I’ve brought Coco Pop a radio for background noise when no one is home, she’s the new owner of a range of fun interactive toys including the foobler where she pushes it around until food falls out of it, plus we’ve been doing some new training. The awesome trainer/owner at doggy day care told me that unless Coco Pop is going with me I should walk her before I get ready to leave, then feed her and put her outside, shutting the door and telling her goodbye. Then I get ready; he said she’ll know I’m in the house but she isn’t going with me. So far these techniques are working and the barking has stopped.

This past year has helped me to find my feet as the person of a crazy GSD too. I’m still working on remaining calm when things don’t go exactly to plan……I don’t care what people think when they see me trying to walk her and she’s too busy trying to lunge at a seagull, I love that she snuggles into me and tries to lick my face when I’m sad, I like that she barks when people come up to the front door (she’s just saying hello),  my favourite thing to do is to take her to the beach and let her run wild (she used to be terrified of the water) and chase pesky seagulls, I laugh when she yet again destroys another stuffed toy or chases around her ball, and every day (even on the days when she wakes me up at 4am to play) I am so thankful she chose me. She is my perfectly imperfect dog and I’m her perfectly imperfect person.

Perfectly Imperfect Photos of the pocket princess

Coco Pop, River, Mr Forrester and I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year x


Christmas tree 2015

Rob over at the V-Pub inspired me to write about my Christmas tree. I put my tree up on the 2 December, I wanted to put it up before the start of December but my Flatmates insisted I wait. 

I’ve got an artificial tree I brought a few years ago. I know real trees are better but fake trees don’t require so much cleaning.

Here’s the tree set-up:


Coco wanted to be a part of Christmas too: 


Gosh this dog loves me, she let me dress her up and take photos. 

This is also the first year Mr Forrester put up a tree…. Not a bad effort:  

How cute is River???

Who else has their tree up??? 

The fear is real

I have to tell you guys this story from the weekend…. For those of you don’t know I have a phobia of spiders. A serious; wouldn’t touch one for a million dollars, phobia…Well maybe for 2 million. Actually no. I can’t.


So I noticed a few weeks ago my emoticons in my iphone updated and I got a few new things: more food, a unicorn and a freaking spider…. WTF?!


So I posted this on twitter because I can’t even. When I see this I quickly swipe left so that I don’t have to look at the little creepy spider. In my opinion the only good spider is a dead spider. Period.

I have my house especially pest treated for the purpose of killing all the spiders. I can handle cockroaches (they are gross though), moths, snakes (I once had an ex-boyfriend who had a pet python and I used to wrap it around my neck), bats…Pretty much anything that doesn’t have too many legs.   I think it’s the legs, the eyes, and the creepy sideways way they move that freaks me out the most about spiders. Ugh! They are horrid. In Australia we happen to have a bunch of large and hairy spiders. The most venomous are funnel webs, then red backs, white tails and Huntsmen. Well truth be told the huntsmen spider isn’t really venomous; it’ll probably hurt and you won’t feel too great but you won’t die if you don’t treat the bite like the funnel web and red back.

So one of my friends saw my post on twitter and decided it is her job to help me overcome my fear of spiders…..This is what she sent me:

Gross 1


I love Anna; but on Friday she was pretty much dead to me. I can’t even look at the pictures she sent me without getting shivers up my spine.

Then yesterday Ridge Forrester and I went shopping for Christmas gifts for our families (we’re having lunch with his family, dinner with mine) and I spotted this in Kmart:


This was in the kid’s toys section of the store. Who would give a child that? Mr Forrester (who is well aware of my spider fear) thought it would be a great gift for me….I told him if I unwrap this Christmas morning he is never having sex with me again. I feel I’m completely justified in making good on my threat.

FYI next year I’m doing all of my Christmas shopping online! We were at the mall for over 3.5 hours. It was chaos. But we survived as a couple, so yay! Go Mr Forrester and I.

How about you? Do you have any phobias you want to share? More importantly have you completed all of your Christmas gift shopping?

Paris continued (Part II)

I didn’t sleep all that well on the first night in Paris. I woke up a few times throughout the night as my body clock reset itself. I know I was nervous about sleeping in…Today was the day I was finally headed to Giverney (pronounced Ghe-Varn-ey) the home of Monet’s garden.

Now for those who aren’t aware I’ll confess that I’ve got little sense of direction when it comes to places that aren’t familiar to me. I almost got lost on the way back to the hotel the night before. So I was pretty proud of myself for finding my way to the tour office (opposite the Louvre) from my hotel on foot. Once I saw the Seine I knew I would be fine.

Once again Viator came to my rescue in picking a tour to Giverney. I knew by booking a tour I would be guaranteed a speedier entrance to the gardens and Monet’s house than those who simply arrived on the day. My tour was a half day Private Giverney Tour. This means that you are transferred out to the estate in a private van with 6 other people – It’s not a private tour of the estate. You get to share that with around 100+ of your closest friends from other tour groups. It was raining when we arrived and I hadn’t had time to grab an umbrella (despite spotting stores selling them the night before); luckily the tour guide leant me hers. We were given a little over an hour to explore the gardens and the house where Monsieur Monet created his masterpieces such as the water lilies series.

Giverney has been a dream of mine since I found out about Monet. He is my favourite impressionist artist and I may have cried the first time I saw his paintings at the Musee D’Orsay. I can say now the dream lived up to the reality as I wandered about in awe of the gardens. The area around Giverney is all woodland so Monet and his family would’ve spent years creating the beautiful gardens.

When I got back to Paris I promptly brought 2 umbrellas for Renee and I. Renee arrived from Bordeaux in the afternoon sore but triumphant from running her first ever marathon – Marathon Du Medoc. We found a little Thai place nearby our hotel for a late lunch and I got to cuddle a random American family’s 6 month old baby (he was very sweet and a total ladies man cooing at us).  That night we found a nearby restaurant offering a 3 course meal special. We toasted Paris and Renee’s marathon debut with a glass of champagne and then washed down our meal with a bottle of the lightest Rose.

Our last morning in Paris we walked the streets of the Quarter lost searching for H&M to indulge in a little retail therapy. After finding the store and picking up 2 items (a khaki maxi dress and black shell top with ruffles: both very on trend) we made it back to the hotel and then loaded up bags to carry down the stairs and towards the train.

The Saint-Michele/Notre Dame train station was a very short away from the hotel. Unfortunately not all Paris train stations are luggage friendly and there were a lot of stairs to get down to the platform headed to the airport. It was just 10 Euro to get from the city to the airport – cheaper than a taxi or Uber by miles! Once at the airport we battled the security gates coming off the train platform. We watched other travellers try to drag their cases through the small laneway between the gates only to have the gates shut before they could get their cases through. The best solution? The bags went over the gates and the other person caught them on the other side. Aside from this little hiccup I would recommend the train to anyone looking for a budget friendly way to get out to the airport.

Side note: the Air France terminal at Charles De Gaulle Airport was pretty nice. I was impressed. Not a massive heap of food options (Paul or mini market) but I liked the bliss zone where you could get a massage or mani/pedi before boarding your flight. We didn’t have time to investigate the cost for this as we were running a little late. Next stop FLORENCE. ITALY….

Have you been to Giverney? Would you visit Paris now?


Japanese bridge Monet’s Garden


Champagne to celebrate


Paris 2015

Vital stats

  • BNE – ADH (Brisbane – Abu Dhabi) Ethiad Airways
  • ADH – CDG (Abu Dhabi – Paris) Ethiad Airways
  • Where I stayed: Hotel Saint Andre Des Arts
  • Rate: 250 Euro (approx $415 AUD)
  • Highlight: Day tour of Giverney
  • Lowlight: our room was on the 3rd floor and as almost always in Paris there was no elevator (almost 50 steps either way)

In light of the horrific attacks suffered in Paris last month I’ve finally finished my post on my travels to the city of lights back in September. I sat in my car that Saturday morning (Australian time) reading what had happened in my beloved Paris and cried for the innocents who lost their lives all in the name of terrorism. I know it is scary to travel with so much un-rest and the threat of terrorism but please, please make sure you visit Paris soon. Take in the wonder of the city and don’t let the fear and hate stop you from living.

I’ve been told Paris is a city you either love or you hate…. The lovers tell you; it’s beautiful, the gardens and city are so chic, the galleries are outstanding, the city oozes romance and seduction at every turn, and as long as you remember hello, goodbye, thank you in French they will be delighted! The haters tell you; the city is dirty, the residents are arrogant, and it’s expensive.

My love affair with Paris began over 8 years ago on my first ever overseas trip. My ex Harry Potter (he bore a striking resemblance to the actor Daniel Radcliffe) and I had 3 nights here. From the moment I spotted my first French balcony I was hooked. Then that first night we stumbled across Notre Dame and I swore to love Paris forever.

I last visited Paris on a whirlwind 4 years ago onboard a Topdeck bus tour. We arrived into the city late one evening and were given a tour of the city ending under that famous tower which sparkles through the night. We literally had 1 full day there and I spent it well visiting Versailles, the Musee D’Orsay, fitting in cream brûlée and wine at lunch, then a picnic style dinner under the Eiffel Tower, and finishing in style with a River Cruise on the Seine.

When planning this trip Paris wasn’t on my list. I was planning London and some UK, followed by Italy and Greece. Of course plans changed and when I saw a flight Brisbane to Paris I knew I had to take it. Picking a hotel wasn’t easy! Paris hotels are notoriously expensive especially in central arrondissements of the city. Having just 2 nights in the city I was determined to stay as close as possible to the city rather than waste time travelling back and forth on the metro. Also I figured my almost non-existent French would be tolerated in the city centre over the outer areas. After pouring over TripAdvisor reviews and trying to keep to a realistic budget I finally selected the Latin Quarter as the place to stay in the 5th and 6th arrondissements at Hotel Saint-Andre des Arts.

I’m not going to lie; if you want authentic Paris, then the Quarter is probably not the place to stay. It’s very touristy with oodles of shops selling umbrellas with “Paris” printed all over them (a must in the city which always seems to rain), lots of street vendors selling prints of Paris monuments, and restaurants offering the meal of the day as a hamburger with French fries. Despite this, and maybe because I’m a lame tourist, I liked the Quarter; I find the touristy shops charming, and if you ask for a menu at a restaurant you’re sure to find something other than a hamburger. Plus it’s helps that you’re a short walk to Notre Dame, the Seine, and the Louvre.

There’s all the hallmarks of Paris too – the beautiful balconies with wrought iron railings curling gracefully, cobblestone streets, cafes with hundreds of forward facing chairs to take in the city as it bustles around you, the beautiful gothic architecture of the buildings.

Arriving into Charles De Gaulle airport you could be asking yourself how is this Paris? For one of the most fashionable and chic cities in the world it has an ugly airport. I treated myself to a transfer from the airport to my hotel rather than battle the train. I knew I wouldn’t have the stamina after an almost 24 hour travel time to get here. Thanks to Viator I was able to pre-book this and it was a pretty smooth experience with English speaking drivers.

I arrived at the hotel and after making my way up the multitude of stairs (elevator, anyone?) I gave myself a nap to help recover. Then I was ready to explore. Europe in early Fall means long days – the sun doesn’t set until almost 9pm! I had a rough idea of where Notre Dame was and after about 10 minutes I spotted it. I snapped a few pics at Magic hour of this beautiful cathedral before heading over to a nearby café for a glass of champagne (thank you Adventurous Kate for the suggestion that when travelling alone a glass of champagne is always a good idea)! I must’ve looked the part as a Frenchman bid passing on the street bid me good evening before asking something in French. I smiled and offered back; “Desole monsiour, non parle Francois” (sorry sir, I don’t speak French). The wait staff were a little rude despite my smile and Bonsoiree as I walked up to claim a table. I simply gave them a raised eyebrow and ordered fromargie from the menu when they asked if I would like a hamburger for dinner.

The cheese platter was lovely and washed down with a glass of French red made it even better.  I love crème brulee so I had to have some for dessert….Unfortunately it wasn’t as good as I’ve had before. The wait staff and I became brief friends when I left as they almost forgot to add my glass of champagne to the bill – my honesty earned me a smile and Au Reviour Madame as I wandered back to the hotel…..


To be continued….

Have you been to Paris? What did you think – love it or loathe it? Best experience you had there?

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