I have to tell you guys this story from the weekend…. For those of you don’t know I have a phobia of spiders. A serious; wouldn’t touch one for a million dollars, phobia…Well maybe for 2 million. Actually no. I can’t.


So I noticed a few weeks ago my emoticons in my iphone updated and I got a few new things: more food, a unicorn and a freaking spider…. WTF?!


So I posted this on twitter because I can’t even. When I see this I quickly swipe left so that I don’t have to look at the little creepy spider. In my opinion the only good spider is a dead spider. Period.

I have my house especially pest treated for the purpose of killing all the spiders. I can handle cockroaches (they are gross though), moths, snakes (I once had an ex-boyfriend who had a pet python and I used to wrap it around my neck), bats…Pretty much anything that doesn’t have too many legs.   I think it’s the legs, the eyes, and the creepy sideways way they move that freaks me out the most about spiders. Ugh! They are horrid. In Australia we happen to have a bunch of large and hairy spiders. The most venomous are funnel webs, then red backs, white tails and Huntsmen. Well truth be told the huntsmen spider isn’t really venomous; it’ll probably hurt and you won’t feel too great but you won’t die if you don’t treat the bite like the funnel web and red back.

So one of my friends saw my post on twitter and decided it is her job to help me overcome my fear of spiders…..This is what she sent me:

Gross 1


I love Anna; but on Friday she was pretty much dead to me. I can’t even look at the pictures she sent me without getting shivers up my spine.

Then yesterday Ridge Forrester and I went shopping for Christmas gifts for our families (we’re having lunch with his family, dinner with mine) and I spotted this in Kmart:


This was in the kid’s toys section of the store. Who would give a child that? Mr Forrester (who is well aware of my spider fear) thought it would be a great gift for me….I told him if I unwrap this Christmas morning he is never having sex with me again. I feel I’m completely justified in making good on my threat.

FYI next year I’m doing all of my Christmas shopping online! We were at the mall for over 3.5 hours. It was chaos. But we survived as a couple, so yay! Go Mr Forrester and I.

How about you? Do you have any phobias you want to share? More importantly have you completed all of your Christmas gift shopping?