Happy New YearHappy New Year! Welcome to 2016! Another year over, a new one just begun.

I know I’m a little late with the New Years message but truth be told I’ve been struck down by the filthiest cold/cough. Literally I feel like I’m dying….Or trying to cough up a lung.

The cold/cough beast arrived just in time for New Years Eve. I was feeling a little run down after Christmas and figured it was due to all the travel. Really it was due to all those wonderful hugs from my mum and sister who have been suffering from this beast too. At first I just thought I could fight it with green tea, loads of water and some early nights. But by new years eve it was upon me and Mr Forrester whisked me off to the late night pharmacy to get some proper drugs to fight it.


So my new years eve was one of the quietest I’ve had in a long time. Just Mr Forrester and I wandered down to the beach (me dressed like a bag lady in layers to keep me warm – in the middle of summer and he dressed in shorts, t shirt and flip flops) to eat wood fired pizza and watch the early fireworks. Then it was back to his for another glass or 2 of mimosa (I figured I was doing the right thing mixing champagne with orange juice to up my Vitamin C levels) while watching Fargo on NetFlix. Seriously I am in love with NetFlix and how good was Fargo season 2?

We saw the New Year in back down on the beach with fireworks again and a quick kiss on the cheek so not to pass on the dreaded cold. Then it was back home quick smart for bed. I know you almost can’t believe how hard we partied, right?

It’s always good to look back on the year that was. Reflect, celebrate or take stock. My 2015 was all about travel, work, family, coco pop the dog & of course meeting the wonderful Mr Forrester. I know I blogged a lot less than previous years as I was too busy living life to update the blog – I’m very sorry about not keeping you all in the loop!

In total I wrote 34 posts, I have 143 followers (thank you), and 4053 views (phew)! My top 5 posts as voted by you are:

  1.  Bachie Files #7 The subtle art of ghosting
  2. Mr Grey will see you now
  3. Bachie Files #5 The tale of 2 dates
  4. Of Monsters and Men
  5. A day in the life

My, my, my what a mixed bag that is! It’s really cool to see what you’ve enjoyed the most this past year.

My personal favourite posts for the year:

  1. 34 I do love a good birthday
  2. The Bachie Files #8 Exclusive
  3. 4 Another year with my Coco Pop
  4. Paris & Paris Part II
  5. Of Monsters and Men

If you don’t already follow me on instagram (why not) you will have missed my Best 9 photos:


I’m not really into New Years resolutions. However I do have some goals for the next 12 months:

  • Save, save, save money for more travel and just in general (did I mention my washing machine died last week? Guess what I got for Christmas…A new washing machine)
  • Reduce debt on my credit cards
  • Travel More, Worry less
  • Laugh hard, love with my whole heart


I had an amazing 2015 and I can’t wait to see what 2016 brings!!!

What about you? How did you celebrate the arrival of the New Year? Do you have any resolutions or goals?