It’s the end of what has been a fairly horrid week. I’m eating ice cream straight from the carton (thank god for cookies and cream) and contemplating a scotch. 

This week has been a corker of bad things starting with:

  • My boss at my day job lost his job in a management restructure. I’m still in shock. Not only is he an excellent manager he is also an exceptional human being. FYI it looks like my job is safe. 
  • My neighbour affectionately known as FF (you can take a guess what that stands for) is back on the, “your dog barks, it’s ruining my life” bandwagon. As a result she’s trying to ruin my life….tonight she dropped by to let one of my flatmates know that the dog barked today…. FFS give me strength, dogs bark, get over it! 
  • A little family drama with my nana having a fall and cracking a rub so bad she’s having a long weekend in hospital. 
  • My WiFi is in cohorts with my neighbour and is ruining my life by not working properly….first world problems yes, but it’s added to the shitstorm of this week so it’s being added to the list. 
  • I ordered new pants from a shall remain nameless national retailer and when they arrived they didn’t fit… Now I know I’m eating ice cream from the carton but I’ve got pants in a smaller size that fit perfectly from this same retailer and I’m sick of inconsistent sizing. 
  • The barking collar I ordered for the dog to spray citronella every time she barked is broken after being used once….I can only assume it’s because my dog doesn’t like having crap sprayed in her face when she’s just doing what comes naturally to her. 

That’s about it, not much really and all minor things when you consider global warming, refugees, people starving but right now without this ice cream I suspect I’d be a hot mess crying. Thank you ice cream. 

It might not be noble or selfless when you have a bit of a rant when you’ve had a crappy week but it does help to unload the burden. I’m telling myself tomorrow is a new day and I’m planning a shopping trip to buy new pants! 

How was everyone eles’s week? Good, bad, indifferent…Anything amazing happen?