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Life and Adventures of me (Brooke). 30 something.

Loves to travel / Take photos  / Eat good food / Drink equally good wine and scotch  / Work out

Based on the Sunny Gold Coast I was late to the travel game going on my first overseas jaunt at 27 to the UK. After that I was addicted and have tried to travel as much as life and work have allowed. So far I’ve travlled the majority of the  Australian East Coast, the touristy parts of West Coast America and Hawaii, New Zealand, highlights of the UK (Edinburgh, London, Bath, Birmingham, York), and Dubai. Plus stops in Europe including; Rome, Florence, Athens, Santorini,  Tuscany, Austria, Switzerland, Prague, Paris, Belgium, Venice, Cinque Terre, and Amsterdam. A little of South East Asia with Kuala Lumpur and Singapore pre and post travel stops.  My favourite place in the world is Italy. I try and get overseas at least once a year.

If travel is my first love then food, wine and scotch are my second. I’m equally addicted to sex and the city re-runs as I am to watching Masterchef. Watching people cook is relaxing. Eating what they’ve cooked is life changing. I’m not a precious foodie princess though; I’ve eaten twisties and had a bottle of wine for dinner before and I’m sure it’ll happen again.  My culinary expertise stopped with the slow cooker – I can make a pretty mean pulled pork or Chilli Con Carne. I love eating at restaurants; I always read the menu desserts first, and am allergic to bad service.

I used to be obsessed with scales, kilos and dress sizes. A few years back I lost over 20 kilos in an effort to be happier. Nowdays I focus on being fit and healthy – it’s a work in progress and those 20 kilos have crept back on. I don’t care what the scales say; I believe in feeling good about yourself and doing my utmost to be healthy. I might claim to work out so I can continue with the eating of food and drinking of wine/scotch but the truth is I believe in moderation. I’ve been a runner, bootcamper, and novice crossfitter. I’m addicted to functional movement and haven’t met a barbell I don’t like.

One more thing… I’m currently head over heels for a man I like to call Ridge Forrester.

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