Dreaming of Travel

Hey Hey blogmates how are we all? I know I know I’ve been quiet for over a week – lots going on in my head or I’m just suffering a head injury (I’ll write more about that later).

So anyways I’m dreaming about travel again. I love to travel, am addicted to it…

Hi, my name is B and I’m a travel addict. It’s been 3 years since my last holiday…

My last proper holiday was amazing – for my 30th birthday I decided to explore more of Europe and invited friends/family to come along with me. At first everyone wanted to come and I was pricing villas in Italy with 10 bedrooms due to the shear number of potential travel buddies. I had a few things I desperately wanted to see:

Italy: especially Tuscany and (as above) I was planning on having a week in a villa drinking lots of wine, saying Bon-Jour-No (ala Inglorious Bastards style)

, eating pasta/pizza/gelati, and hopefully meeting an Italian Stallion called Gino or something like that who would mutter sweet nothings in my ear like ‘Bella’.

Paris: OMFG I love Paris. She’s a city who marginalizes people; you either love her or hate her. I fell in love with her the first time I visited back in 2011.

London: Such a cool, cool city and one I spent a little over a day in back when I saw Paris last. I wanted a few more days to see all the touristy things, eat pub grub, shop at H&M, and hopefully spot someone famous.

I intended to be away for 4-5 weeks and was considering a whole heap of options from hop-on hop-off bus transfer companies, rail passes, and even guided tour companies such as G Adventures, Intrepid, and Top Deck. I wasn’t too fussed about itinerary with the exception that I wanted to see Europe and if possible the trip had to end in Italy or London for ease of travelling onwards.

In the end everyone bar my beautiful mum, dad and little sister C pulled out for various reasons. Because I’d learnt my lesson travelling with C before (we’d been to NZ the year earlier and whilst it was heaps of fun I did a lot of the organising) I decided that we weren’t up to the task of travelling about Europe for the first time by ourselves. Therefore we booked a Top Deck trip, booked an amazing villa in Chianti in Greve in Tuscany, caught up with old friends in London, met new friends on tour (some of whom we’re catching up with in Sydney in 2 weeks), ate too much, drank too much, and spent too much. There weren’t any holiday romances but I did at least get to hear someone call me Bella – unfortunately he was a man old enough to be my father.

Here’s a few of my favourite pics from the trip:

London – our first stop
quintessential London viewing
Lunch in Paris
C & I at Versailles
Lucerne, Switzerland. Yep those are swans – this place was so beautiful.
Me at the Colosseo. I was obsessed with this place – when I go back I will do the behind the scenes tour where you can walk through the old tunnels underneath.
Me & C in Venice on a gondola
Berlin with some of the Top Deck folk. Such an awesome city – I could live there.
The Tuscan Villa – We hired this beauty for the week. The pool was so freaking cold.
C, Dad & Mum in Siena
Daddy & I in Monteriggioni, Italy

So my next trip will most likely be South East Asia (even though I’m still dreaming of Europe) due to budget reasons – I want to save a house deposit – and also because its closer (less than 9 hours to most locations). My dream getaway would be as follows:

  • Fly Gold Coast – Bali
  • Overnight in Seminyak Bali for 3 nights, then move to hanging gardens in Ubud for 2-3 nights.
  • Fly Bali – Singapore
  • 3 nights in Singapore
  • Fly Bail – Singapore

Seminyak is fast becoming the place for ‘grown up’ Bali holidays. It’s away from Kuta and all the nasty nightclub scene and features a lot of private villas (with plunge pools of course), lovely shopping, and amaze-balls restaurants. A few friends have made the trek there and loved it so now I’m interested to try the ‘slower pace’ of Bali. Ubud is just up the road from Seminyak and I really only want to go there for the Hanging Gardens, how amazing is this pool?


Of course 3 nights might be too much there as I’ve heard it’s a place ripe for honeymooners and whilst I’m smitten with Manly Matt we’re nowhere near matrimony. Perhaps just 2 nights there for spa treatments and total relaxation in the pool and more time in Singapore or Seminyak?

Singapore I visited at the end of the 2011 trip but it was simply overnight and I’ve heard it’s so beautiful. Plus it’s a place renown for shopping – my favourite sport other than crossfit. More importantly it has a fantastic zoo and the largest window in the world to view 50,000 types of marine life. The window has 18,000,000 litres of water, measures 36 metres wide by 8.3metres tall. I know I’m a huge nerd but I really enjoy aquariums (fish are really relaxing and they don’t have a flu named after them – heads up birds) and this sounds like the mac daddy of all aquariums – bigger is better y’all.

Amazing! I cannot wait to see this.

Plus I wanna see this:

I’m a sucker for James Bond and I have to see this place for real.

I’m thinking September/October 2015 for my getaway. The beauty of Indonesia and Singapore is being so close to the equator the weather is fine, fine, fine almost all year round.

Who else is dreaming of travel? Planning a trip or exploring the world right now?